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What can we do to get these sex offenders away from our mother, our sisters, our children. Here is a blog where you can post a sex offender in your area to this blog. Put all of your ideas here on how a sex offender should be punished. Making sex offenders register helps but it is not enough.

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Friday, May 24, 2013


I thought about creating a Facebook page for this blog for a long time. I just decided to give it a shot. A lot of posts on Facebook, has information about sex offenders and missing children. It may be easier for me to just share the info that way, after I check to make sure the information is correct. I will still have this blog too so please, don't stop coming here. I hope that you will like my Facebook page one it is set up. Thanks for reading my blog.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

3 Chicago Teens Post Rape Of A 12-Year-Old Girl On Facebook

Such a Beautiful Picture

See? Even the hard criminals object against that shit! Well, it is nothing new. Most men in prison are strongly against child molestation. I found this on Facebook while waiting for more lives on a game s that I can play. I 'm very surprised that this was all they did to him. It should be mandatory for repeating sex offenders to be castrated. A lot of people want them put to death but I guess these kinds of charges are not worth killing them. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Now That is What I Am Talking About!

So I read up on yahoo news all of the time, I came across one article about how a mom chased down her child abductor in her own car! Go MOM! Unfortunately, the guy got away on foot, but the child was safe and unharmed. From what I read, the guy has got another child in the same building complex as the girl that he took and was unsuccessful with. The guy crashed his car and got away. Damn! I read comments on yahoo that the guy better hope that the police catches him, because if the people do, it's a wrap! Oh I forgot to tell you that this all went down in Albuquerque.

I don't know why he is targeting young girls from the same building complex. I don't know why he is targeting young girls at all! Maybe the guy lives in the complex or near it and people may not even realize it. Well, when they catch this son of a bitch, best believe that his name will be plastered all over my blog! And yes, to the people that is hating on me that wants to be on people's side that would harm a damn child, fuck you! Any sex offender that I can get information on will be on this damn blog. Thank you and good day.

Mom Chases Child Abductor

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

People Who Don't Want To Be Listed as a Sex Offender

    I happened by this Web site that was upset about a post of a sex offender that he knew. I was in the first five of the list. This person is a blogger who seems to be trying to protect the offenders. Very sickening to me. Here is the link to the website and the comments that were posted about my blog and others.


    I know that I have not been on in a while or on my other page for missing children because of my surgeries, schooling, and other things happening, but after I read this blog, I will be coming back in full force to let people know about sex offenders in areas and repost the news stories.  Like it or not, I am going to continue what I am doing. The nerve! Protecting these monsters. If I did not want to lose the good lunch I just ate, I would throw up!


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